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December 06 2013

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Interesting Themes For Your Big Day!

Weddings happen once in a lifetime. Thus, the special day has to be planned and organized with a great ounce of perfection. When it comes to wedding planning, themes play a very important role. The theme must say something about the duo. The themes can be romantic, traditional or elegant. Moreover, you can incorporate your hobbies and interests into the wedding themes. Always choose a theme that would describe you. Additionally, decide on a theme that will unify the entire ceremony. Read on to know more about wedding themes.

Special Themes for your Special Day

To begin with, check if you really want a theme based wedding. You can decide on simple colored, seasonal and shared themes. Choose a theme that you can afford. Also, remember that a simple theme will not make your big day less romantic! Rather, simple themes will help you streamline the whole process of planning and organizing themed weddings.

Interesting Vineyard Themes

If you are ought to host an outdoor wedding, you must make use of colors like blue and green! These shades will confer your event with a natural outlook. Also, make use of real time art galleries and sculptures. If the couple loves wine, you can plan on a “Vineyard Theme”. The personalized theme will definitely ordain you a unique experience.

Lively Flower Based Themes

Similarly, if you like flowers and fruits, you should choose a theme that will identify your personality. You can decide on red roses and green apples for your big day. The foremost combination will definitely leave your guests awestruck! The flowers you buy must synchronize with the wedding theme.

Fascinating Outdoor Themes

Finally, if you are an adventurous duo, you can plan on an active outdoor theme! You can include blue butterflies and fancy waterfalls. These items will undeniably distinguish your big day!

How to put together a perfect beach party?

Parties are admired by people of diverse age groups! Young or old, parties will act as a perfect social gathering for fun and timeless amusement. Conversely, beach parties are exceptionally famous and common. The party is extra special due to its outdoor and lively nature. Beach parties are considered as alluring and enchanting for its huge mishmash of activities. The party will let kids amuse by building sandcastles, while elders can relax with the ocean’s warm breeze.

Notify your guests

If you are planning to host a beach party for your kid, you must take into consideration few essential factors. Initially, you must gather a group of guests, who will enjoy the warm sand and breezy coastal region. Create an interesting invitation that gives a brief overview of what the guests must bring. For example, guests who attend beach parties must bring additional attires and towels.

Food items for beach parties

Preparing food for beach parties can be exceptionally easy. You can serve scrumptious cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, pizzas and burgers. Moreover, you can use pre-packed cooler bags with wax wrapped papers to maintain the freshness in meals. If the beach party is ought to have little kids, you should carry cupcakes and ice pops. Remember to parcel these food items properly.

Several hours of endless entertainment

Beach parties will remain incomplete without games and physical activities. It is wise to make a list of predestined games. Also, remember to carry beach toys like paddles and balls for several hours of endless entertainment. Simple toys like beach shovels, shell necklaces and beach pails will be perfect for small children.

Safety comes first!

Additionally, be certain to hire a lifeguard during the party. “Safety” plays a very important role in beach parties. Also, decide on the time you would want to host the event. Beach parties in the evenings will be perfect for a swim and bonfire!
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December 02 2013


How a Chicago Photo Booth can help your business

Searching for a Chicago wedding photo booth rental company to help your business bring in more profit each month? Or maybe you own a photography business and want to add something extra for the customers who visit your studio. In any case, a photo booth will definitely bring in more sales and even more people. If you live in an area that doesn’t have photo booths around for ten miles, what do you think is going to happen? People will come in to take pictures. The reason why they prefer this is because they don’t have to pay outrageous prices for regularly photography sessions and the photos still look professional.

Let’s say you decide to bring your photo booth to the fair. Of course, you will need to fill out an application and get approved first. Since the fair has thousands of people coming in and out of the gates each day, this would be the perfect place to put photo booths in. At a large fair, there are about 10 people who go into the photo booth areas every hour. This means that eighty people will have used your photo booth throughout the day. Your take home income is $400 since you charge $5 per photo session. Even though you are paying $40 to rent a large truck to bring the photo booth, you are still making a large profit.

You see… a Chicago photo booth could do a lot for your business so be sure to give it a try. You can even advertise that you have a photo booth just by posting a sign outside of your store. Make sure the sign is visible. Just by doing this, more people will come into your store. Remember that affect advertising is the key to earning more each month with your photo booth. Also, you need to maintain it regularly so this is something you should also take into account.
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